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Updated: 1 year 30 weeks ago

Google honors Santo, Mexico's masked pro wrestling hero - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 11:17
In addition to helping popularize professional wrestling in Mexico, he was also a folk icon and actor in superhero movies.
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Apple's latest AirBag product, revealed by Conan O'Brien - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 11:16
Technically Incorrect: Apple applied for a bag patent this week. This is what Conan insists it is. It's quite something.
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Uber drivers in China allegedly pretending to be zombies in scam - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 09:29
Technically Incorrect: In China, some Uber drivers allegedly post scary pictures on the app, so that riders cancel, but drivers pocket the cancellation fee.
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Netflix Originals and dynamic geography: Girt by CNET podcast 88 - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 09:12
This week the Girt team talks Netflix at the Emmys and poor Australian geography in Forza Horizon 3.
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Facebook gave advertisers inflated video-viewing metrics for two years - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 08:58
Social network overestimated average viewing time because it only counted videos seen for three or more seconds.
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Yahoo hit in worst hack ever, 500 million accounts swiped - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 08:09
The internet company, being bought by Verizon, says a state-sponsored actor stole email addresses, passwords and birth dates. Change your passwords. Now.
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Halfway there: 500,000 Galaxy Note 7 phones returned in the US - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 07:57
Samsung says 90 percent of existing Galaxy Note 7 owners are opting for a replacement Note 7.
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New 'Magnum P.I.' series in the works, with daughter as star - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 07:08
The TV new series will follow the crime-solving adventures of Magnum's daughter Lily, who returns to Hawaii to run her father's private investigation firm.
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​How water-resistant is the iPhone 7? - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 05:58
We put Apple's iPhone 7 through a series of dunk tests for our Breaking Point series to see if we could drown it.
Categories: Technology

Yetis and UFOs and sea monsters, oh my! (pictures) - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 05:39
Join us on a journey full of cryptozoology, aliens and mysterious monsters as we look back at recent Bigfoot, Nessie and UFO sightings.
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Horses make weather-based wardrobe choices, study shows - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 05:33
We've always known our equine friends were smart, but a recent study shows their choices reflect it.
Categories: Technology

Flybrix Lego drone is built for crashes - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 05:26
Smashed a drone or two in your time? The Flybrix is a build-it-yourself toy drone made from Lego bricks. Crash away!
Categories: Technology

6-year-old invites shell-shocked Syrian boy to live with him - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 04:54
Video of a boy reading a letter he wrote to President Obama asking him to bring a Syrian boy to come live with his family has been viewed more than 10 million times.
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Ferrari GTC4Lusso T: More torque, more turbos, less everything else - Roadshow

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 04:49
Now you can have your supercar-wagon thingy in either V8 or V12 variants.
Categories: Technology

Tesla plans to unveil solar roof with battery pack next month - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 04:40
Created in partnership with SolarCity, the system will include a charger for Tesla automobiles.
Categories: Technology

Google to launch Oakland lab to mentor minority students - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 04:37
Working with the MIT Media lab, the search giant looks across the San Francisco Bay to solve the tech industry's diversity problem.
Categories: Technology

Airbnb said to raise $555M, but that number could jump to $850M - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 04:32
A reported funding round, which isn't yet closed, could push the home-rental company's valuation up to $30 billion.
Categories: Technology

Virgin America app has finally landed - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 04:00
The airline says its new mobile app is "just plane better." Get it?
Categories: Technology

YouTube commits $1 million to Creators for Change - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 03:56
New global program aims to amplify the voices of people using video to make a positive social impact.
Categories: Technology

Disney confirms third standalone Star Wars movie for 2020 - CNET

Fri, 09/23/2016 - 03:23
Full Force ahead: Though no plot details have been released, a writer has already been hired for the new movie.
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