Portfolio Streams v3.0 (User Manual)

Portfolio Streams v3.0 is the portfolio software within the Microfinance Streams suite of applications for microfinance.

Microfinance Streams is an open source project of eCubeH Research Labs, and is a suite of solutions for microfinance organizations, designed to serve end-to-end enterprise needs. It is built over the eCubeH Common Appropriate Technology PlatformTM. It complies fully with W3C recommendations and is built exclusively using free and open source development tools. The suite is composed of the following microfinance components:

  • Portfolio Streams - portfolio solution for microfinance (covering microcredit, savings, insurance and pensions)
  • Bean Counter - accounts solution for microfinance and micro enterprises
  • People Power - HR solutions
  • AuditX - audit support systems for microfinance and micro enterprises
  • RemoteX - Mobile solutions for microfinance and micro enterprises
  • Performance Analytics - Trend and Cross sectional multi-level performance analyzer
  • Risk Manager - Financial risk management tools
  • Impact Assessor - Impact measurement tools
  • Micro Communities - Linking the excluded to the mainstream

This volume is the user documentation for the Portfolio Streams application. Technical documentation for developers is available separately and located on this site.

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