Starting अगस्त 1, 2011 - Ending जुलई 30, 2032

The sDevNet.org web portal is designed from the ground up for collaboration. It is intended to evolve as the primary access point for all of Samhita's services to stakeholders. A full set of social and economic networking components are being systematically added to build this capability.

Socio-economic development remains the ultimate subject matter of all content here, in line with Samhita's mission.

Your participation is critical for effective use of the portal. Please keep the following etiquette principles in mind when participating:

  • Stay courteous. Rude, hateful or overly condescending communications will not be tolerated.
  • Stay honest. Don't whitewash messages so much that the message itself is lost.
  • Stay relevant. Stay on the topic of the discussion. Read material already posted before asking questions or making comments.
  • Communicate with clarity and conciseness. Brief and clear message are always most effective, unless you are trying to put the other party to sleep.
  • Avoid Caps: Writing in all CAPITAL letters seems like you are shouting.
  • Never plagiarize. Any time you use someone else's words or ideas, provide a reference with an acknowledgement. If you are found to plagiarize, you will be taken off the user rolls at this portal.
  • Be creative. Don't just keep repeating what others have said, or what is obvious. Write only if it adds value.
  • Review once before posting. The internet allows us to share our thoughts with the press of a button. Before pressing that button though, a quick review may allow you to identify and correct errors or remove material that you may later regret having posted.

You may also refer to some of these links for common web etiquette rules:

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