HR & Conduct

Samhita Community Development Services, in its mission to serve poor and disadvantaged households and communities in a financially sustainable manner, requires certain values and principles to be adhered to by all staff members, probationers and trainees. Staff are trained on these values, and required to sign and adhere to the declaration below:


In signing this declaration, I agree to adhere to Samhita’s Code of Conduct as laid out below:

  1. Our organization exists to serve the women of poor households, with financial and non-financial services, enabling them to work their way out of poverty. All of the work that I do will be carried out with this purpose in mind.
  2. I will take particular care to be honest and transparent about our organization, products and pricing with our members. I will never resort to harsh collection techniques with the members of our program. I will maintain all member and organization information in the strictest of confidence.
  3. I will maintain a high level of sensitivity to my female colleagues and members of Samhita’s program, ensuring that I help to build a supportive environment where they feel comfortable in all their interactions with the organization and its staff.
  4. I will always act with integrity and trustworthiness, and observe the highest ethical principles to ensure that no policy, procedure or position is abused for any personal gain or benefit. I will immediately report any financial misconduct observed in employees to the appropriate supervisor.
  5. In dealing with the members of Samhita’s program and fellow employees, I will always be honest, courteous and straightforward.
  6. I will be extremely sensitive to protecting any intellectual capital created within the organization, such as technologies, systems, frameworks, processes, methodologies, designs, electronic and paper documents, etc, as well as other intangible assets such as member and other relationships developed over the course of our work. I will ensure that these are not made available to other individuals or organizations, competitors or otherwise, without prior approval from the organization.
  7. I will take necessary care of all the organization’s property, to ensure proper cleanliness, maintenance and security. This includes all office equipment, materials and supplies, working space, records, vehicles and buildings.
  8. I will be diligent, hard working, efficient and effective. I will attempt to apply the highest professional standards in every functional role and activity that we undertake. I will not use organization’s time or privileges to conduct personal business or for personal gain. I will not be involved in any other business activity while in the organization's employment, unless I have prior approval from the organization.
  9. I will ensure that there is no opportunity for colleagues and members of Samhita’s program to feel any sense of discrimination on the grounds of caste, gender or religion.
  10. My political and religious beliefs are my own, and I will ensure that they do not interfere with my work at Samhita or my behavior towards members and colleagues at Samhita. I will not influence any member or colleague in Samhita towards my beliefs or behave in a way that will hurt their religious or political sentiments.
  11. I will diligently observe all the rules and procedures of Samhita.