Welcome to eCubeH Research Labs

Mission Statement

To develop and deploy seamless, appropriate, multi-domain technology solutions in the service of disadvantaged and dispersed communities, on the foundation of our Common Appropriate Technology PlatformTM

The Philosophy

We take an engaged approach to developing and deploying technology solutions, through close relationships with our service partners of the Samhita Development Network. Our work is multi-disciplinary given the network's mission to deliver a full range of essential social services. Our Common Appropriate Technology PlatformTM, a continuing work in progress, is specifically designed to allow for seamless, appropriate and multi-domain solution development. eCubeH Research Labs services the multiple areas of social development – economic, education, environment and health - utilizing 3 sets of technologies – social, engineering and software.

Core Principles

  1. Exclusive use of free, open source tools: The Free and Open Source community is mature and well established today, with stable tool sets and development environments, and a vast and engaged user community adopting best principles in innovation and promoting technological advances. Since 2006, eCubeH has exclusively used FOSS technologies.
  2. Emphasis on a distributed, collaborative effort with control residing at area of operations: We shift the center of control to smaller towns closer to the field of action, and away from metro centers housing expensive and domain-weak technology firms. We emphasize investment in human capital through in-house training programs for young professionals physically located close to operations, and we apply best practices in the distributed, collaborative product development and deployment processes.
  3. Emphasis on breaking the Digital Divide: Our mission includes exposing the average citizen to latest technologies – whether they are from the poor households we serve, our staff who come from similar socio-economic backgrounds, or local rural youth. Today's technologies, with their social and collaborative nature, are the key to integrating the billions still excluded from the connected global community.
  4. Emphasis on network building, sharing and support services: The member institutions of the Samhita Development Network serve as the design and testing ground for our applications. The larger goal remains to share these with other value-driven social institutions serving disadvantaged communities.
  5. Giving back to the FOSS Community: We wholeheartedly support the global FOSS movement through community services, solutions and product development.