Welcome to Samhita Health

The Health program at the Samhita Development Network is driven by the vision of Sw. (Dr.) Varishthananda, MD, founder of the Health Promotion Program (HPP)  at the Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi (RKMHOS).

Samhita's health interventions are targeted towards poor households in villages and city slums. School going children constitute another important target group. Remote rural communities receive special attention, as with all of Samhita's interventions. The interventions are structured in 3 phases.

Phase I:

Entry level interventions are the following:

Phase II:

Mid level interventions are designed to generate revenue through ancillary health services.

  • Testing Labs

Phase III:

A full range of approriate health services will be offered:

Samhita began the multi-media based Health Education program in 2009, and has to date served some 35,000 villagers and school children in the Baghelkhand region of MP.